Cap Printing

    • Ideal for corporate events and employee uniforms
    • Adjustable for all sizes.
    • For better customization, air holes are not provided in front of the cap


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Print Details:

  • Print Type: DTG/Screen Print Based on Design and Quantity
  • Print Sizes: 2×2 in
  • Print Locations: Front, Back
  • Personalize a unisex T-Shirt with a photo, images, clipart, or text of your choice

Design File Details

Accepted file types: JPEG, PNG*.png files only use an RGB color profile, some color shifting may occur when the files are converted to CMYK for printing PSD files, please make sure that all of your layers are merged before uploading artwork. If your layers are not merged, your image will be uploaded as only one layer, and not the entire image Resolution: Minimum 300 DPI (Pixel density)

Packaging & Delivery:

Packed in a clear poly bag and courier bags are delivered to your address.

6 Reasons to Buy Bulk Cap Printing from Pie Prints:

Outperforming competitors and making an everlasting impact on customers is what it takes to run a successful business. And to achieve this, you should have unique and creative marketing skills that should be out-of-the-box. One such way to market your brand or business is by using promotional caps.

When you buy wholesale caps, customize them and use them for promotion, you can build a strong awareness of your brand and also connect with the customers.

So, why use promotional caps and hats?

1. An Indirect Yet Effective Marketing Tool

Among so many marketing tools at your disposal, promotional caps & hats are a great choice because they have the power to get the word out about your business without directly making people feel like they are exposed to marketing or advertisement.

It is because hats are basic functional items used almost by anyone and everyone at a point or another. So, hats and caps are a part of functional promotional items that people use and eventually put on display, indirectly marketing your brand or business.

2. Both Women & Men Wear It

As caps are unisex headgear, literally anyone can wear them. It makes it an ideal promotional item for many purposes. You can give out custom hats and caps during trade shows to increase your brand’s awareness among prospective people in the industry.

Custom caps can also be a representation of unification. When working as a team in corporate sporting events, company outings, or charity and welfare meetings, you can use caps as a symbol of camaraderie to boost the team spirit.

3. Custom Caps Fit Right into Any New Promotional Strategy

If you are a start-up business or brand standing in your initial stages and looking for recognition and awareness, promotional caps will be an excellent option for you. Surprisingly and also obviously, the same goes for businesses that are on the scene for many years and are looking to tap new markets or raise recognition.

Caps are both affordable and easily customizable. There are endless possibilities of designs that you can come up with to match your marketing strategy. The prices of the promotional caps vary based on the design and material.

4. Good Choice for Large-Scale Giveaways & Promotions

When bought in bulk, caps can be even more affordable. So if you plan for a large-scale promotion or giveaway as a marketing strategy, using custom caps is your best bet. As caps are wearables, there are fewer chances of them getting thrown out than consumable promotional items.

Even after the event or promotion, the custom caps can serve a useful purpose; all it takes is for the sun to shine. As high-quality custom printed caps are durable, it lasts for many years and along with it, your brand as well.

5. Attracts the Younger Generation

Even though the fashion trend changes every waking minute, custom caps have managed to keep up with these trends. Especially when it comes to a younger audience, they make a perfect promotional item.

If your brand or business targets a younger audience, you can go for custom caps for promotions without second thoughts. But make sure the design aligns with the trend and styles, which will make them, flaunt it outside, indirectly raising awareness for your brand.

6. You Can Stand Out From the Crowd

If you are competing for recognition and attention for your brand, then custom promo caps are the right choice for marketing your business. For example, Elon Musk used black hats with the words “Boring Company” embroidered to fundraise for his new venture.

It sold considerable amounts and raised the fund needed for the project. Standing out from the crowd is all it takes.

Using promotional caps & hats can bring so many benefits to your business. If you are taken with the idea, reach out to a reputable custom cap manufacturer and ring in your order.