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Print your logo, special photos or messages on High-Quality Mugs

Promote your business or send out a gift to your loved ones or make a funny or inspirational mug. Whatever the purpose, there is always a mug for you!
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9 Reasons to Buy Bulk Mug Printing from Pie Prints:

1. It’s an Affordable and Cost-Effective

In a survey of  10k people, mug printing was rated under the top 5 on the best value for money gifting products. Mug Printing prices at pieprints is very low, it can be as low as 99rs on bulk purchase.

2. Best for gifting your clients & employees

Everyone loves the gift and it more valuable when it customized, Pie Prints helps you to create your desired mug with your company branding or art of your own, give away your printed mug as a symbol of appreciation to your employees and promote your business by giving your clients.

3. Photo Printed Mug for Special Events

Add value in your events by printing an event-based photo mug like birthdays, anniversaries, parties, etc and make it memorable.

4. Customers Appreciate Value

Everybody loves a warm beverage from time to time, whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Promotional mugs offer something of value, which encourages your audience to trust and admire your business.

5. Freebies Provide Incentive

It’s no coincidence that diplomats give gifts before diving into tense negotiations. A thoughtful gesture sets a positive tone for the rest of the conversation. Give customers a reason to let their guard down, and you won’t have to work as hard to get a “yes.”

6. Marketing Reach Is Above Average

Your message only reaches your target audience when the timing and motivation are just right.

With promotional products, you aren’t asking people to spend money or make any substantial commitment. Customers have little or no reason to turn down a gift.

On average, only 20 percent of consumers discard promotional products, according to a survey by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). By comparison, 68 percent of consumers skip online ads, 66 percent turn away from TV commercials, and 50 percent ignore unsolicited emails.

7. Branded Products Boost Recognition

If you think customers forget your business name the moment you hand over a freebie, you’re wrong. Nine in 10 people recall branding on promotional products, and seven in 10 remember the call to action.

Promotional mugs have a high potential to get customers invested in your brand. Avid coffee and tea drinkers enjoy gathering a diverse mug collection. And every time they brew up a hot beverage, your branding is on display for other people to see. Not to mention, attractive or interesting mugs make great conversation starters.

8. Make Motivational Mugs

Get Inspired every day with your inspirational quote mug, imagine your favorite quote printed mug always there on your work table (better than mobile wallpaper), charged yourself with coffee or tea with a boost of inspirational quotes.



Design Online:

We Ship All Over INDIA

Order Placement / Price Inquiry:

Call: 9581008877
Mail: pieprints@gmail.com